I have always felt I was in the hands of an experienced and caring professional.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Amanda. Kate S

Amanda is a reflective, intelligent  and conscientious teacher with an ethical approach to learning and teaching Jules C

Following a burnout from work, with strong continuous tension headaches, Amanda helped me tremendously in the recovery process by tailoring a bespoke practice for my case. John S

Thank you for your yoga teaching over the past few years, it was a big support whilst I was ill and recovering, and for deepening my understanding of yoga practice through the course and our one to one sessions.  I know it is something that will always be part of my life now. Amanda H

As a long term sufferer of panic and anxiety I have learnt that through yoga I can become much more at ease with my body and breath.

The pace of development of my practice and breathing exercise were perfectly judged to allow me to build up confidence. Tim D